NorthCarolinaCAN works to build an education system that prepares every North Carolina child for life success and meets its promise as an engine of social and economic mobility.


NorthCarolinaCAN empowers, mobilizes and collaborates with everyday North Carolinians to advocate for a high-quality education system. We use research and communications, grassroots organizing, and government relations to ensure North Carolina’s education system is excellent for every student.

Our Beliefs

    • We believe a successful education system is one that prioritizes what students need to succeed and thrive over adult convenience or special interests.
    • We believe that real and lasting improvement in the education sector will only occur when communities are deeply engaged and heard.
    • We believe North Carolina needs to be urgent in its approach to creating the type of education system students deserve. They cannot wait.

Our Policy Principles

Start earlier

A high-quality education system starts earlier to put every child on the path to success by ensuring every child has the opportunity to attend a high-quality preschool.

Expand choices

A high-quality education system is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, it provides families with multiple options so they can find the learning environment that best meets the needs of their children. And it makes use of new technologies to allow teachers to create individualized learning opportunities for their students that aren’t just limited to their school building.

Aim higher

A high-quality education system sets clear, rigorous standards for the knowledge, skills and abilities students need to have to succeed in the global economy. It uses trusted assessments to measure progress towards these goals. And it holds schools accountable for results.

Cultivate talent

A high-quality education system creates an environment where America’s most talented teachers and leaders thrive. That means attracting great leaders to be principals and giving them more flexibility and support while also holding them more accountable for results. It also means attracting great teachers and giving them more freedom and support in their own classroom while rewarding them for meaningful outcomes like student performance.

Reach everyone

A high-quality education system meets every child where they are and brings them up to where they need to be by ensuring they graduate with all the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to be happy, healthy, productive adults who make the world a better place for all.