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Introducing the Student Success Program

Today, CarolinaCAN Executive Director Marcus Brandon announced the introduction of the Student Success Program, which ensures that all North Carolina families have more control and greater flexibility when making a choice about their children’s education.

“I’d like to thank Representatives Jon Hardister and Cecil Brockman for their leadership introducing the program which is incredibly popular, with over 70% of North Carolina families supporting it in a recent poll. After a year of disrupted learning, parents know it’s going to be an uphill battle because of student learning loss and other issues. If there is a way for parents to intervene and help their children progress, they want to be able to. This policy allows parents to do just that while North Carolina takes a giant leap forward in our goal to fund students flexibly and equitably.”

If the proposal is enacted, North Carolina would be the first state to fund all students regardless of the school they attend or the learning environment they choose. “All students have had challenges during the pandemic, and one of the best things about this legislation is that it respects this reality and aids all students instead of prioritizing one group over another. No more labels. All kids need help so all kids are eligible for this program.”

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