New budget includes huge steps forward for kids

Over the last few months, you’ve sent tens of thousands of emails to hundreds of legislators telling them to support measures that ensure equitable access to outstanding schools. We are happy to report: your voices have been heard! Legislators in both chambers have come together to pass a state budget that includes a number of new, innovative programs that will help some of our neediest NC kids, because they agree with you—everyone should be able to access a high quality education.

Thanks to your support, NorthCarolinaCAN has gotten a number of landmark victories in this budget:

  • Creation of the Equitable Charter Transportation Grant Program, a first-of-its-kind initiative, developed by NorthCarolinaCAN, that will help families access outstanding NC charters serving low-income kids.
  • Positive and necessary changes to the new Innovative School District which will help put children attending some of the lowest performing elementary schools in the state on a path to success.
  • Development of Education Savings Accounts for children with special needs, joining a coalition effort led by Parents For Educational Freedom in NC and the Autism Society of North Carolina, to support families in providing individualized education opportunities for their exceptional children.

From the very beginning, you’ve supported NorthCarolinaCAN’s work to create, support and pass landmark legislation. Thanks to your efforts, we have achieved a historic accomplishment—one that other states can use as a model for equitable access in the future!

While today we celebrate the enacting of the budget including these tremendous innovations, our work for kids is not done. NorthCarolinaCAN will not rest until every child in NC can access a high quality education. We will continue pushing for more victories for NC kids, urged on by your support!

Thank you for continuing to raise your voices and helping make this historic win a reality.


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