Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, North Carolina families have had to become a part of their children’s education like never before. Children are learning everywhere and parents have stepped up to make sure their students continue to grow.

While our traditional schools always play an important role, families have also embraced supplemental options that are flexible and give them control over what their children learn even as they keep them physically safe.  North Carolina must respect and support families by keeping pace with these new options and programs they have turned to during the pandemic.

Let’s Help Parents Help themselves and Their Families

North Carolina is considering a Pandemic Relief Education Account (PREA), a program that would support families directly as they meet the educational needs of their children during the pandemic.

Who is it for?

  • All North Carolina families with students in public, private, charter, virtual and home school settings qualify for the program.

How is it funded?

  • Each student should receive an education savings account with $1,500
  • Amount increases by rate of inflation each year

Participating Providers 

Funds may be used at participating providers, as approved by General Services, for:

  • Textbooks and other learning materials, including Internet access and computers.
  • Payment to a licensed or accredited tutor or learning pod facilitator.
  • Payment for purchase of curriculum.
  • Fees for national norm-referenced examinations, Advanced Placement examinations or similar courses, and any examinations related to college or university admission.
  • Educational services for pupils with disabilities from a licensed or accredited practitioner or provider.
  • Tuition and fees at approved academic providers, including online, elementary, secondary or postsecondary institutions.

Who oversees it? 

  • Administered by General Services
  • Parents select services and materials through an online portal operated by General Services, which relieves the need for audits of accounts and doesn’t hamper low-income parents from having to pay upfront for services

PREA is currently being discussed in the state capitol. Sign up to stay engaged and find out how you can support your family, and other families, as we all work to ensure North Carolina students keep learning today and into the future.


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