‘Education Policy Perspective’ perpetuates myths about charter funding and harming student opportunity

RALEIGH, N.C.—CarolinaCAN: The North Carolina Campaign for Achievement Now released the following statement in response to “Education Policy Perspectives: Fair Funding for Charter Schools—Mission Accomplished,” a new report by the NC Center for Justice:

“This report makes false claims on the equity of charter school funding in North Carolina and is deeply harmful to students and their families,” said Executive Director Marcus Brandon. “Half a dozen charters in the state have sued over inequitable funding since 2008, and each one has won its case. Any report that charter schools receive more than their fair share of public funding is dishonest, harmful, and allows local entities to continue withholding or concealing public funds from schools critical to our communities. ”

“Charter school funding is far from fair and will not be fair until public money follows children, regardless of where they attend school.”

For more information or interviews with Marcus Brandon, contact Udeitha Srimushnam at (408) 655-7775 or udeitha.srimushnam@50can.org.

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CarolinaCAN: Launched in 2012, CarolinaCAN: The North Carolina Campaign for Achievement Now, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit education reform advocacy organization building a movement of North Carolinians with the political will to enact smart public policies so that every North Carolina child has access to a great public school.


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